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Be The Medicine
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What is Soul Shamanism? 
Shamanic Path to You by Janet SA
Soul Shamanism 101 - One Soul SelfZoom Thursday Evenings 5/18-6/22
Soul Shamanism 201 Complete the  Foundation
Ongoing Advanced Soul Shamanism
Soul Shamanism Testimonials
Soul Shamanism Day Treat
Toltec Mitote Overnight Retreat
What is Soul Shamanism? 
Janet StraightArrow ShamanDear Friends,
In my search for how to connect to our highest wisdom, source, Self, Soul, healing, and truth, I found this practice I call Soul Shamanism.
We access immediate wisdom, healing, and awakening to our true self, life purpose, and ongoing growth.
We also have direct access and the ability to clear any interference to being our true self.
This is a Universal practice available to all traditions. We experience true oneness, peace, unconditional love, joy, wisdom, and direction.
I have worked with children to elders for over twenty one years with this work. As a practicing Shaman, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Sage, and more. I found that all beings have access to this inner space that is immediate and real.
In teaching Spirituality, Shamanism, Reiki, and more, I learned that there is a lot to learn to truly access this high level space in a real way. I focused on HOW to help individuals and groups accomplish deeper connection and purpose in all areas of our lives.
I was guided to this practice after thirty-three years of spiritual and healing studies from around the world.
This practice brought all of it together in one place with amazing access and results.
This type of connection and accomplishment requires advanced knowledge and trusting truth, love, and our wise perceptions. 
Shamanic practitioners from many traditions find that in this work we do less and accomplish more immediately.
Fear, doubt, blame, beliefs, patterns, and limited knowledge and wisdom keep us from accessing the truth in these higher realms of reality.
We learn to transform these as we work in a place of unconditional love with heavenly access to who we are and what is occurring in our lives and world.
This is a life changing practice and must be mastered in a respectful responsible way.
Spiritual advancement requires us to release lower level thoughts, beliefs, actions, and fears in order to perceive true soul and spiritual connections in a pure way.
Our personal issues interfere and the good news is we can work through these directly in this space and practice to clear, heal, and transform whatever is blocking us from us and all.
This is not just a class you take, this is a soul awakening practice that grows as you continually access these connections.
I teach and initiate people in smaller groups as I know how important personalized attention is required in learning and mastering ourselves and these connections.
Even in teaching advanced levels of this practice, I come back to basics to keep everyone true to their perceptions and results.
Being grounded in the world and also in spirit and soul is an important part of this practice. 
Spiritual and worldly advancement goes hand in hand.
No drugs are used. We learn to access higher wisdom and visions naturally any time in any place.
Taught with great joy, respect, and responsibility, we continually feel more alive, strong, peaceful, and able to live our lives with awareness, choice, and grace to be who we are fully and freely.
Healing means wholeness and that is our accomplishment here. To feel comfort and wholeness in our life and world with direction to continually grow in who we truly are.
No matter who we are in the world, this practices adds to everything in your life. Learn to live body, mind, spirit, emotions, and soul as one. Aligned with the divine all is one heart, and mind.
You have a unique opportunity to help me schedule these classes in order for you to join. Let me know of your interest nd I will schedule around all of our schedules. I will set exact dates within the next couple of weeks so do reach out so you can be sure to join us.
If you feel guided, I suggest those in Reiki Master Training and our Vision Quest take this course to enhance your studies and experience.
Details on specific courses below.
Always in Love,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!
Website 973-647-2500 Email me
"There is no more denying who I am or why I am here.  It no longer feels OK to ask anyone else for my answers ~ I've realized how can they possibly know more than I?"
Shamanic Path to You by Janet SA
“To me, the Shamanic Spiritual path is to live in awareness and honor of all people, nature, and life in all dimensions. It is a sacred journey of awakening our humanity to our divinity. It is a path of enlightenment that includes all lineages around the world and beyond. To know who we are in the most sacred way and live it is the greatest gift I share in Shamanic training and sessions. We experience how to be the Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, Health, Truth, Beauty, and Light that we are naturally. Responsible, respectful, neutral spirituality in action. Studying with Spiritual Masters and Shamans worldwide created a beautiful tapestry of wisdom and knowledge to understand, integrate, and share with you in all the work I teach. Blessings.” Janet StraightArrow
Soul Shamanism 101 - One Soul Self
Zoom Thursday Evenings 5/18-6/22
Join Janet StraightArrow on Zoom or in person as she initiates you into a direct experience of your soul-self. You explore your Shamanic territories and learn universal laws to live in your body and life. You also meet your ancestors, guides, and teachers who travel with you.
You explore your inner spiritual space that reflects your body and entire life. You will never feel alone again. You now have direct access to your inner wisdom and knowledge and learn how to deepen this daily. Healing on all levels opens up in ways you never imagined possible.
This Universal, Spiritual Shamanic practice makes the mystical – practical, immediate, and genuine in everyday life.
Soul Shamanism is an excellent class for healers, teachers, therapists, coaches, and all seekers ready to Be and Live who they are. From this day forward, you will feel empowered by the depth of your soul and all your connections and tools from this experiential class.
Your life purpose awakens and readies you to move forward in all areas of your life in profound, simple, straightforward ways. Heal yourself directly from present concerns and past hurts. Find inner peace, tranquility, and knowing.
Begin learning Medical Intuition, Channeling, Intuition, and other spiritual gifts and abilities.
Enjoy this addition to your spiritual healing tool bag, a precious gift. Soul Shamanism takes all Spiritual and Shamanic Practices to new, deeper levels for Shamanic Practitioners, Healers, and everyone. This class is an important beginning to assist you in Being The Medicine.
Janet has been working with and teaching this practice for 19 years. The work has deepened and grown into a powerful way for people to heal and live their Best True Selves with confidence and knowledge.
This practice comes through the lineage of Siberian Physiatrist Olga Kharitidi, MD. Her memoir, “Entering the Circle.” tells some of her story and the foundation of this work.
This is a six session course. I added one evening as I found people need more time with the basics to practice this fully on their own.
Price is $525.   
Registration. Send payment and email me at with your name and phone number. Preparation emails sent.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 2500 (
Zelle 2500
Credit Cards Please add 3% to payment for PayPal.
Checks – email for details.
Soul Shamanism 201 follows this class. Ongoing advanced training is bi-weekly on Zoom.
“…I have a whole new world open to me for balance, self-confidence, knowing what is real, and reinforcing the beauty of living the truth. There is a peaceful retreat inside my body when I get help from my soul to tap into who I know I am and what I can achieve.”
Soul Shamanism 201 Complete the  Foundation
Now that you have been introduced and are practicing life with these advanced teachings and working with your inner space’s territory, there is much more to learn and experience.
101 was an introduction to the main practice, and 201 completes the training with greater territories and dimensions of us to experience.
After practicing for a while, it is essential to continue the learning as more subtleties become necessary to be aware of and navigate. Learning to move through any blocks into wholeness, health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light allows your entire life to transform into perfect alignment.
In this class, you will join more fully with your timeless self and know more clearly about your life and soul purpose.
We explore new dimensions and territories of us in various realms and find our true nature divine, with solutions always available. We begin our work with the Akashic records in several ways that offer us clarity and healing.
Learn to know and heal you in more simple and profound ways. Explore deeper regions of the Lake and Soul with advanced ways to develop a daily practice. We begin work in the Akashic Records and with higher dimensions and guidance.
Each class is an initiation and awakening on your personal evolution.
Janet StraightArrow teaches you how to awaken more of your gifts and increase your perception in all areas of your life.
Establish more understanding and experience offering you a unity of self that is a solid foundation to move clearly in the world.
 "Everything seems trivial once you have journeyed to your Soul.  I feel like I see clearer, literally, colors are brighter; touch is more powerful ~ to be alive has a whole new meaning. "
Ongoing Advanced Soul Shamanism
Join Us – You Continue to Heal, Learn, and Grow individually in community with people from many states on Zoom.
Past students from up to twenty years ago have been joining us and finding amazing growth and support in this class.
After taking Soul Shamanism 101 and 201, this course continues the journey to offer spiritual growth, healing, ascension, and experiencing our soul and oneness in the Universe, and so much more.
We are having amazing experiences, healing, and knowledge of who we are and how to manifest us in the world. Each class offers deep healing, learning and growth. Join us as you are called to or enjoy the ongoing journey. Soul Shamanism 201 is suggested and not required.
The love and community have been such a gift to us all. I have brought the highest experience and teachings to these groups.
New teachings from my full tool bag are added each week to continue to open your Shamanic and Spiritual Journey and assist you in living your soul-self in everyday life.
This adventure goes beyond many spiritual practices that you can use for your own spiritual growth and healing and empower work with others.
Join us for ongoing learning in this multidimensional practice.
New Levels and Dimensions were taught and opened for high-level movement for all.
Graduates of Soul Shamanism 101 and 201 join us Wednesday nights every two weeks.
Join us for one or all @ $60. a night. Or prepay for four nights for $220.
This program offers mastery-level experiences, practice, learning, and healing in ways not known by many. Each class offers deep healing, peace, understanding and so much more.
There are new teachings and territories to be initiated and explored.
Moving through any blocks into wholeness, health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light allows your entire life to transform into its perfect alignment.
Higher-level guides and wisdom and healing are immediately present. Each of us who began this series has moved light-years on our journey.
We explore new dimensions of us in various realms and find our true nature divine, with solutions always available.
Experience new energy levels, wisdom, knowledge, healing, tools, and practices within this practice. Join us for as many of these classes as you can for healing and personal spiritual growth.
Currently we meet every other Wednesday night on Zoom at 7pm Eastern time. Our next class is on April 5. Any questions 973-647-2500 text-call.
 "Janet, thank you for the gift of Self. Your workshop changed my life!  I want to journey all the time and spend time at the lake!  Thankfully, Souls like you are here to lead us into the next phase!"
Soul Shamanism Testimonials
“This workshop with Janet StraightArrow is a journey with your soul. She guides you to your true Self with humor, wisdom, honesty, and compassion. It is an amazing experience that has to be felt! And I can tell you, you will never be the same. You will be changed deeply; you will open up to your gifts, strengths, and the exciting journey of discovery. This was my first workshop with Janet, and the power of it blew me away. Be prepared to laugh because being with Janet is like being with a wise, trusted friend. Be prepared to see things in a new way. Her techniques are magically transforming and healing. I had a blast! Janet teaches you in a way that you do not realize you are being taught – The information channels into you in an amazing flow. It is awesome!”
“I experienced a clearing of some blocks that have held me back from living my truth, becoming who I truly am. I feel that some aspects of my journey have been clarified for me. I have a grander understanding of previous challenges and issues that I have experienced in my life. I feel renewed energy, a sense of purpose, and trust in the instinctual insights I had previously been aware of and denying.”
“My Soul Shamanism class with Janet was profound. She helped open doors in me as I explored my mission and my soul. I am processing the experience and knowledge that I will be stronger and more aligned. I recommend this journey for anyone who wants to learn more about him or herself and find a healthier paradigm for living.”
“This training was a spirited one of acceptance and surrender, both within myself and among those working with me. It provided both the space and the opportunity for healing and to learn new methods of healing on/in the dimension of our everyday reality and the dimensions beyond it. I received understanding, support, and encouragement. It was a wonderful beginning to a lifelong journey.”
“The training was about perception – moving out of my head and into pure experience. The tools of the art of perception were shared with clarity and power by Janet, and I was able to use them immediately to access life lessons in the course of my Shamanic Journeys. Janet is truly a gifted teacher, and I plan to continue my inner work with her.”
“I took a Soul Shamanism Class with Janet StraightArrow, without any expectation. I was guided on multiple journeys with several tools that will forever change my life and allow me to live in accordance with my true self and true purpose. During the journeys I felt pure freedom, light, joy, peace and happiness. I was overwhelmed with delight. Janet has given me the tools to live there every day.”
Soul Shamanism Day Treat
A day treat in nature.
There are deeper practices and teachings I learned from this lineage through a Siberian Shaman I studied with in 2005.
As we gather in person we find a calling that is unique for this group. There are more ways to experience the practices we learned in our work together over the years and the gathering in person for a day moves each of us in whatever we need at the moment..
Sincere seekers who have taken at least Soul Shamanism 101 will be invited.
Tell me of your interest and we will set up a date that includes all. I will Zoom the class for people at a distance.
Offered one day over the next seven months as agreed to by the interested group.
Book suggested is "The Master of Lucid Dreams." By Olga Khatateri, MD.
Toltec Mitote Overnight Retreat
A Mitote ceremony is from the Don Miguel Ruiz lineage. It is a drugless transformational experience for all who participate.
A Mitote Ceremony's purpose is the purification of us on all levels, breaking up stuck patterns and allow visions to come to us in the lucid state.
We chant the Gayatri Mantra  throughout the ceremony by the smaller group rotating in the center at the fire. Either you are chanting or dreaming on the outside of the circle in this experience, allowing the raising of your energy and profound cleansing, visions, and inner movement. 
Circle time with teachings and practices before after the chanting move us in and through the Mitote.
Over twenty years of offering this ceremony, it is a favorite for many.
Let me know of your interest and we will set up a date and complete retreat format.

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