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Mary Aranas Yoga
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Merry Month of May  *  Mary Aranas Yoga & Wellness
ENews  *  Issue #209  *  May 2023
Summer is Fly Season!
Fly season is summer! No, I don't mean standing in a river in waders, though my brother Charles will think that. Of course, he thinks it 4 seasons of the year, wherever the fish jump. And no, I don't mean those pesky insects hovering over your picnic hampers!
I mean: flying, laughing limbs and voices and hair, in the air! As AcroYogis of all ages, 1 to 91, take to the parks worldwide and lift themselves and each other off the earth, into the air, for gravity play and bodily awareness, and partner and community bonding!
It's as though human primates were rediscovering their tribal play skills and superpowers en masse. And in New York City, every Sunday in Central Park's Sheep Meadow, south central corner, 2pm to sunset, you will see us enjoy life, in the Sunday Park Acro Jam, on our Acro Green.
I'm delighted to be an early founding member of the NYC AcroYoga community, teaching it here since 2008 and still teaching monthly offerings of YinYang  AcroYoga (4th Fridays, all summer, in Brooklyn), and Acro Thai Yoga (2nd Wednesday, Midtown).
And I'm delighted to announce the return of the annual summer New York City AcroFest, the longest running AcroYoga Festival anywhere, this July 21-23 at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. I will be teaching a Thai class Sunday.
For my classes & workshops, see my website tab Current Classes or Upcoming Events.
For Sunday Central Park Jam and other NYC jams indoor and outdoors, see FB group AcroCity Jammers.
For all NYC Acro classes and workshops, see AcroYoga New York.
Follow me on IG or FB for more frequent updates on my events. See you on the greens and in the studios!
Growth is Healing
Having healed from many sports injuries over the years, I am a huge fan of physical therapists, hypnotherapists, and my fellow CYTs, certified yoga therapists. What all three have in common is a holistic view of physical-energetic bodies as a scientific and magical machine, fascinating to work with, and to understand.
"It's weak because it hurts," I told my PT about my weak hip and leg, after a knee menisceptomy in 2013. In place of sympathy, she offered me a calm but matter-of-fact: "It's the other way around: it hurts because it's weak." I was astounded! A little humbled. And motivated. And inspired. If I strengthen it, I will feel better. And I did.
Whenever I've sustained an injury, I've alternated between the urge to deny and soldier on, and the urge to whimper and curl up. The PT path is much more "middle-way": simpler, more direct. No blame, no shame, also no hiding, "If you strengthen it, you will feel better." 
Is this true not just for our limbs, but our hearts and minds? What would PT look like for our souls? What if we applied this calm, compassionate self-care not just to shoulder or hip, but our souls?
BrenĂ© Brown reminds us that "courage" has a Latin root "cor" for heart; courage originally meant: "to speak one's mind by telling one's heart."
Even to know one's heart, to see and know it, then speak it ... indeed, that might require courage. And consequently, that might create strength. And consequently ... you guessed it ... you will feel better. It will be stronger, and you will feel better.
Many find their soul PT in Compassionate Communication; you might care to look into NYC NVC's Compassion Course 2023, starting June 21st. If you do join, I host a practice group on Zoom that meets biweekly Sundays starting July 2nd. Email to join it, once you're in the CCO 2023.
If you are ready for some 1-1 Soul PT sessions in the form of transformational coaching, I'm here for you. No issue is too big or too small. It needn't even be a block; it may just be more clarity and self-knowledge you yearn for, at a simple or a deep level. All sessions are confidential. You direct your goals. I support them.
I wish you strength, whether you engage in soul PT with a coach or therapist, yoga, fly fishing, journaling, a faith community, or a mindfulness practice: I root for you.

Current Classes
*Email me for a day pass to a Pure or Equinox class!
Tue 12-1PM Yin Yoga Meditation E.85
Tue 1:45-2:45 Restorative Yoga E.92
Pure Yoga:
Thur 12:15-1:30 YinYang
Thur 2-3PM Yoga Nidra Meditation
Sat 12:15-1:30 Restorative Yoga
Wed June 7: Floating Lotus Holistic 7-8:30PM Acro Thai Yoga
Fri June 26: Cosmic Loft 6-7PM AcroYoga/ 7-8:30 Thai
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Have yourselves an intoxicatingly present and full, merry month of May.
I'll see you at the end of June!
Shanti ~ peace!
In this issue:
Summer is Fly Season!
Growth is Healing
Current Classes
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What's To Love
Acro Thai Yoga 6/7
YinYang Acro 6/23
Photo Thanks
What's To Love
I'd been yearning to move part-time to Hawaii on our patch of land that I want to clear. I felt conflicted at one point, stuck on details.
Suddenly I felt so attached to New York, when the whole reasoning was to escape New York winters.
And therein lies a clue to the "stuck" feelings. When we move joyfully towards a desire, our vibration fuels us. But when we move to flee something, that vibration comes with us. It feeds us ever more things we feel the need to escape from.
This does not mean we are stuck. It means we can find what is to love in each situation, and carry that vibration into each new one.
This is how we move from one glorious experience, to the next. It is the movement of life itself that is satisfying. Not any arrival. There is no arrival! 
It is being here, the making of memories, the etching ever more amazing, sweet memories! See you on the Etch-A-Sketch life board!
That is your coaching corner this month! You're welcome!
Acro Thai Yoga 6/7
Wednesday June 7, come play, melt, heal in an AcroYoga & Thai Yoga date with yourself and friends, 7-8:30pm: 
Floating Lotus Holistic
39 W.57th St, Penthouse
YinYang Acro 6/23
Fourth Fridays: AcroYoga YinYang, happens June 23rd!
6-7pm AcroYoga
7-8:30pm Thai Massage
Cosmic Fit Club
669 Meeker Avenue, Brooklyn
Photo Thanks
Thanks for photos this issue to: Grant Henry for cover shot, Jeni Rogers for Thai closeup, other shots courtesy my iPhone.
Thanks also to photo model partners Alondra Siguas, Sandy Ames, Bassam Kubba, Katie Capano, Loc Le, Jake West.
Locales: New York,  Puerto Plata DR; San Diego, NYBG Orchid Show, American Museum of Natural History.
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Mary Aranas Yoga  •  Murray Hill, Manhattan  •  NY, NY 10016

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