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Mary Aranas Yoga
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July ~ Connectedness  *  Mary Aranas Wellness
Yoga, Health & Life Coaching
ENews Issue #211 * July end 2023 
I've been thinking lately about how yoga ("union") 27 years ago drew me in because of the connection to myself that I felt practicing and indeed, to all beings.   
Then in 2007 finding AcroYoga ("high union") elevated my sense of connection: via partnership, breath, touch, shared adventure, community energy.

Our world pandemic since 2020 and its huge losses of closeness only reminded us starkly how much we are all hardwired for connection. So it rejoices me deeply whenever I can be part of, or even witness, souls in connection to themselves, to one another, and to life energy. 

That is my thrill in being on: a Yoga path; AcroYoga path; Coaching path; NVC Compassionate Communication path; faith path! What are YOUR avenues that you love to find, to meet this essential, endemic, hardwired human need? 
This ENews' cover shot is a class photo by my co-teacher Sandy Ames, of our Thai Massage for AcroYogis class which we gave at the joyful NY AcroFest last weekend at Chelsea Piers in New York City.
Here are students, many having just met, offering and receiving loving-kindness healing skills in partner yoga and Thai bodywork in my monthly Acro Thai Yoga workshop.
Some of you know my mantra for AcroYoga: it is so not about the acrobatics ~ although they are super fun! It is all about the connection both interior and exterior.

Even though at age 63 as one of the founding leaders of the NYC AcroYoga community I am no longer a leading edge acrobatic skill creator, but instead many people's (and many teachers') first teacher, I still feel it my high priority to hold the flag high for the healing superpower of connection that AcroYoga holds in its magical horn.
And I hold that it has that magic balm for all, not just the strong, not just the talented few, not just athletes, but for all. This is where AcroYoga Partner Flow, Therapeutic Flying, and Thai Bodywork really shine in their healing gifts.
Just as I believe anyone can do Yoga who can breathe, I know that anyone can do AcroYoga who can connect, and wants to.
My professional and personal research the last two years into trauma, addiction, and healing, have deepened my appreciation for the God-given balm of connection.

"The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety - it's connection." Johann Hari, authorspeakerresearcher
"Safety is not the absence of threat. It is the presence of connection."  ~ Gabor Maté, physician, author, educator
There could be bombs falling, but you can feel solid and centered, with connection. Or, you can
be living in comfort or luxury, and still feel disconnected and unsafe.
Connection is our sacred right and portion: at least, that is what I have come to believe.
And here's the thing... We all get disconnected, sometimes. And we all, with a little help from within and without, can get reconnected. To self. To Other. To others. I urge you to find ways to connect to Self and to Other. There are 10,000 ways to get the Need of Connection met. Expand your repertoire. Practice some Yoga, "union" for the soul. 
Acro Thai Yoga Midtown: Aug. 4th
Our last Acro Thai Yoga at the midtown penthouse healing oasis Floating Lotus was so divine, we are doing it again!
Acro Thai Yoga 7:15-8:45 PM
August 4th / September 8th
Floating Lotus Holistic
39 W.56 St., Penthouse Atrium
No experience or partner needed. All are supported and welcomed!
Registration is limited, so please pre-reg early to avoid the $5 drop-in cost the day-of, or the chance of space capacity max-out!
Weekly NYC Yoga
Come join these lovely group classes at our deluxe clubs and studios ... and maybe you'll become a member at Equinox or Pure Yoga!
You may email me to be my guest at one of my classes, with club or studio access for the day.
Give me a day's notice to ensure I am in town and teaching:
Tues 12-1 Yin Yoga Meditation, Equinox E.85/3rd Ave.
Tues 1:45-2:45 Restorative Yoga, Equinox E.92/3rd Ave.
Thur 12:15-1:30 YinYang Yoga, Pure Yoga 204 W.77th St.
Thur 2-3PM Yoga Nidra Meditation, Pure Yoga, 204 W.77th St.
Sat 12:15-1:30 Restorative Yoga, Pure Yoga, 204 W.77h St.
YINspirations Retreat Feb 28-March 5
When you plan in advance for your thrills and pleasures, it fills all the space between with joyful expectation.
That's why, even as I'm pleased with my impending August vacation to California and Hawaii, I'm also excited knowing of my December Anniversary trip to Morrocco!
In the same way, even while you plan your Labor Day or end of summer celebrations, maybe you'd like to think of a winter vacation at an all-inclusive resort complete with a yoga group that you'll bond with, while your toughest decisions all day will be: which amazing restaurants, beaches, pools, or resort activities to treat yourself to!
Donna Davidge and I each have been full-time yoga teachers for over two decades, and encompass between us multiple yoga styles including vinyasa, slow flow, yin, nidra, restorative, and in her case kundalini, in my case reiki, AcroYoga, and thai massage.
We so much enjoyed each other's teaching and co-hosting our retreat leading, we team up again February 28 to March 5, for a refreshing, revitalizing and transformative Love Retreat in the Dominican Republic, in Puerto Plata on divine Cofresí Beaches.
Check out delish YINspirations Yoga Vacation Retreat!
You may early register now, or mark your calendar to register by Early Bird! Then you can get the best flights, secure your space, and even talk a friend or two in, to magnify the fun together! 
To Fara with Love

In 2007 I was feeling disenchanted with my yoga career, and via the NY Yoga Passbook, I toured dozens of yoga, dance, and pilates studios all around town. 

I stumbled upon Om Factory, created and built  1 year earlier by its architect and owner, the unique, brilliant, loving character Fara Marz.

Soon I was an AcroYogi and a hOMe family member, then I was Om Factory's first Restorative yoga teacher. By 2008 I was AcroYoga faculty, and have been that since. 

The friendships there, the creative partnerships, the trainings, festivals, retreats, celebrations; the huge personal growth for so many, transformed hundreds and indeed thousands, as Fara expanded sister studios into Southeast Asia.

In typical MeanderingMarz fashion ~ his social media moniker ~ Fara had a heart attack July 17th and left Earth for his next journey at Taiwan airport after a successful teacher training, en route to his home studio in Vietnam.
Fara loved life hugely and lived every moment generously. We love, miss, and celebrate him and his spirit in our lives. 
Aug. 25th AcroYoga YinYang Friday!

Fourth Friday is AcroYoga YinYang at Cosmic Fit Club all through the summer!
Aug 27th AcroYoga YinYang

6-7PM AcroYoga Flying
7-8:30PM Thai Massage
8:30-10PM Jam
All levels, no partner needed!
6pm solar, 7pm lunar, 8:30 Jam!
Fall Cleanse
Join me for my Autumn Fresh Foods Cleanse online, Oct 30-Nov 12.
We do it together. You get a full-color manual with lists, recipes, self-care tips. We Zoom 5-7 times, through three guided phases!
Emerge feeling bright, radiant, cleaner, energized!
This easy Cleanse is happy, healthy, delicious, educative, and full of self-love!
Photo Thanks
Photo thanks this issue to:
Sandy Ames, Fara Marz, Bassam Kubba, Tim Laurel, myself, Om Factory, NYAcrofest, Floating Lotus, Equinox Health Club, Cosmic Fit Club, Tropical Resort at Puerto Plata, and fellow students and teachers!
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Much summer love!

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