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The Muse is IN
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What are Creative
Thought Cards?

Ever wonder what thoughts work best to ignite the creative process? Me TOO!
But I figured it out.
Many of them are in this deck, and the more you read them, the greater the chance you will show-up for your creativity, be happy in the process, and rewarded by the results.

Procrastination, resistance, overwhelm, fear, and perfectionism will be confused and leave the vicinity.
Believe me, I know those things well, I’m Jill Badonsky, author/illustrator of three and a half books on creativity, creator and teacher of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, and person who lives life like creativity is my oxygen.
I wish for you the joy and semi-sanity I’ve found from creativity.
Buy yourself some inspiration and buy one for the creative seekers in your vicinnity
It's Judgment deductible
What to expect and who are they for
Each card has one of my favorite watercolor and ink illustrations, a tool or approach that I have been  teaching in Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification training for the last twenty years framed as an affirmation, and a little bit of quirky humor ... because we all need fun.
Cards are $24.95 plus tax and shipping. 
They are for anyone who:
  • loves creativity
  • wants to take their creativity to another level
  • is an affirmation card collector 
  • needs a little tweaking around the thoughts you have about creativity
  • likes to build houses out of cards (not the metaphor)
They are included in the  June-October 2024 Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
as is the latest edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard by yours truly and One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer
 But wait there's more
A Muse's Daydream Podcast will be featuring the Creative Thoughts cards soon, elaborating on the tool or approach, and offering a creative prompt. So get your deck so you'll play along with me and 
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Find more about Jill Badonsky here
Thanks for reading this far,
Enjoy Life, 
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The Muse is IN  •  Kensington  •  San Diego, CA 92116

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