3 Things Online Dating Teaches Us About Marketing

Online dating and online marketing aren’t really that much different. In both scenarios, interested parties are seeking others out with an interest in presenting well, making connections, and building towards the future. So, what can we learn from the mistakes of online dating profiles?

Presentation matters. The guy with the spaghetti sauce spilled down his shirt and the gal who really should have taken a brush to her hair before the picture was taken probably won’t get the same attention as those who took care to present themselves well. Meanwhile, those who fill out their profiles on a dating site with accurate and specific descriptions are more likely to attract like minds. The same goes for a newsletter.  Pay attention to layout, chose relevant and professional-looking images and always spot check for unexpected errors.

Punctuation counts. Considering the number of poorly written emails and messages from dating sites that have been plastered all over the Internet for the sole purpose of mocking, we can take away one thing:  not only do people notice spelling, grammatical and punctuation, but they judge you based on it. Skip the extra exclamation points, use complete sentences, and always proofread.

Be yourself. Lying online might get you more emails, but the truth will out itself eventually, especially when it comes time to take the romance to the real world. Presenting your real face to the world will, in every situation, build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.