A Strange Email Marketing Dream

Big fat disclaimer:  I am recounting a dream below. A strange dream. A dream that is highly unlikely to be prophetic in any way. 

Ok, so I dreamed about email marketing last night.

I had made all of these really complex email newsletters for local businesses and gotten everything ready to send out but when I went to schedule them I couldn’t find that feature.

When I called up our general manager to check in, he told me that the new craze in email marketing was to make email newsletters on MNB and then post them on light poles and hang them between traffic lights.  When I protested that this didn’t make any sense he informed me that I would find there were already clips out in public ready to receive newsletters. 

Not entirely convinced of this I went outside and sure enough, there was our marketing director on a ladder clipping up email newsletters….

If there’s a moral to this dream/story I’m not yet sure what it is, except maybe don’t send anything out in an email marketing newsletter that you wouldn’t want to have posted in public…