Batch Workload: Organized Email Marketing Tips

It’s no secret: email marketing can be time consuming (I know, you’re shocked). If you are emailing several distinct categories, you can probably see why many companies wind up hiring a full time email marketing specialist. When you don’t have the luxury of hiring a specialist, you have to create time using creative time management.

If you do a batch of newsletters at once and set them on an auto-send schedule, you’ll save time and present a more polished email marketing campaign. Often, we can re-purpose content across our campaigns. If you have a monthly newsletter and weekly newsletters going out to different readers, then you can easily work the monthly newsletter out and then break it into four week sized pieces.

When you have different interest groups that you are sending to, see how you can take one interest item and personalize it to each group. For example, seasons mean different things to different groups, but still conjure up similar images. Fall might mean Halloween sales, Football season, specialty recipes or craft brews, harvest, or time for that annual vacation to Germany. When you know what one broad topic means to your different readers, then you can easily make the topic accessible and pertinent to everyone without doubling (or tripling) your efforts.