Common Problems With Engagement

1.  Your email was never opened
Problem:  Your subject line can’t compete.
Solution:  Make your subject line more awesome.

Problem: People don’t recognize the sender.
Solution: Decide whether you are using a company name or a personal name and stick to it.  Make sure you tell subscribers what to look for when they sign up - perhaps while suggesting they add you to their “safe senders” list.

2.  You’re not even sure anybody saw your email
Problem: Your email arrived at the same time everybody else’s did.
Solution: Send at different times to determine the best schedule for sending.

Problem: Your emails are invisible.
Solution:  Ok, that’s not really a problem you’re going to have. If it feels that way, perhaps it’s time to offer an incentive to drive further engagement.

3.  The open rate isn’t the problem, it’s the ROI
Problem:  Your call to action wasn’t clear.
Solution:  Try being blatantly obvious. Condense your call to action down to a single sentence.  Provide an easy path for your users to answer that call. 

Problem:  You’re looking at email newsletters purely as a sales tool.
Solution:  While many people effectively drive sales via email marketing, you’re selling yourself short if you stop there.  Integrating email marketing with social media is a great way to drive engagement.  You can also curate content that drives customer interest - selling isn’t the only way to build your business.