Critical changes to the way we send emails

Edited: October 15, 2015

We made some changes to the way we send email. We are doing this to improve our reputation, authentication, and overall deliverability.


The first change is that we are changing the domain for our sending servers. If you have our domain white-listed, have MNB in your SPF record, or want to have MNB in your SPF record, you need to know that our sending domain is now

ASIDE: we recommend (now) that you do add MNB to your SPF record. You can google how to do it but the gist of it looks like this:
v=spf1 ?all

2. DMARC compliance revisted

The second change - which is also now live - is that we are adding DMARC compliance back to our platform. We highly recommend using our DMARC compliant sending domain ( for your newsletters. Very recently, Yahoo has made changes to their platform that require nearly all emails to be DMARC compliant (sending or receiving).

By default, the FROM EMAIL address in your newsletters are [now] DMARC compliant. You can change them if you like; we don’t recommend it. The display and format of the email address will “show” your email address at our domain.

For example, the FROM EMAIL address for my MNB account would look like this:

Please note, your FROM NAME, REPLY TO NAME, and REPLY TO EMAIL address will not change (unless you change them).

Further, if you do use our DMARC compliant address (, you do not need to concern yourself with SPF (from 1 above).

Thanks for your patience and understanding whilst we improve our systems and sending.