DMARC Changes

As of April 23, 2014

AOL’s DMARC policy has just followed-suit with YAHOO and will now also be rejecting emails sent from third party platforms with sender’s email addresses of their own domain being sent from NOT their own domain. Its a bit much to digest and understand but please do know, don’t use an AOL or YAHOO email address in your Sender’s Email Address inside MNB. We are working on a viable solution to this that does NOT reproduce what happened on or near the 8th.

We expect other providers will be doing the same thing in the near-ish future. As we hear about them or find out about them, we’ll be posting here.

As of April 8, 2014

In the very recent past [few days], email service providers have been implementing stricter policy on sending/receiving emails (namely free service providers like GMAIL and YAHOO). In your MNB account, if your “Sent From” email address is a Yahoo or GMAIL address, you very well may be seeing an inordinately large amount of bounces. If you look into the details of these bounces, you will notice something related to “DMARC policy”.

DMARC isn’t a brand new authentication standard; what is new is the live implementation of it as a means to blocking emails. For the most part, this change was completely unannounced by any of the service providers using the new standards - we got no “heads up” (nor did any of our competitors).

In response, MNB is increasing our DMARC compliance (starting today and likely finishing over the next 72 hours as DNS replicates). Part of this compliance requires the sending domain to match the domain in the sent from address. MNB users will no longer be able to provide a “Sent From” email address as MNB will now control that (which will now be something like “”). The “Sent From” name and “Reply To” information (name and email address) will be unchanged.