Don’t Be a Turkey; Come out Ahead After Thanksgiving

For many Americans the lure of Black Friday shopping is nearly as enticing as the feast the day before.  People are lining up at 4am to get the very best deals in stores, braving cold weather and terrible crowds in hopes that they’ll be early enough to get the good stuff.  Sounds pretty rough, right?  That’s where you, an online retailer, come in: make Black Friday shopping a breeze by offering online and email offers that newsletter readers can take advantage of from the comfort of their living room.
In Advance
Sending out an email newsletter announcing your holiday offerings is best done early in the week. Once Wednesday hits people are on the road traveling, so Tuesday is likely to be your best chance to hit the inbox and let readers know that you’ve got something special planned. If you’ll have limited time offers - a great way to drive sales on items that readers are on the fence about - announce these so that interested parties can be on the lookout.  You’ll want to have everything written and ready to go for your big day - no last minute turkey-addled newsletter writing!

The Big Day
When Black Friday rolls around, you want to be absolutely on top of the necessary marketing.  Ensure that emails go out as promised by scheduling in advance.  Special email-only offers, on top of the ones already on your website, are a great way to reward subscribers for their loyalty and attention. Add social marketing to your email campaign for even bigger buzz potential. You also want to utilize images to your advantage in the newsletters - you want to show and tell with readers. Check out Photo Follies for few quick notes on keeping images tidy in your newsletter.

Once the Dust Clears
One of two things happens once the dust clears and everybody has slept off the last of their turkey buzz. Either you start working towards the holidays (Christmas will be a month away at that point, and your email marketing should be getting jolly!) or you realize you have a little extra sale in you. Perhaps you have extra stock you were hoping to unload to make room for the new year. Try sending out follow-up email marketing offers to customers who bought products from you; add-ons and accessories are a nice way to encourage a little more holiday spending.