Email Marketing Doesn’t Stand Alone

Last week we talked about designing a simple email marketing study to evaluate various aspects of your email marketing campaign.  Studying your email marketing is such an easy, effective way to make more of your efforts.  How perfect that just a few days later Marking Sherpa would publish this clip from Email Summit 2013 on Marketing Strategy: How you can use emails to test your value proposition.  This presentation brings together a big picture point:  because you are already engaged in email marketing, you can test the efficacy of your marketing strategy using newsletters as the testing grounds.

Why use email marketing to test your value proposition?  According to Austin McCraw of MECLABS there are four big reasons:  it’s easy, you have a large audience, inbox competition is tough, and you’re already sending emails.  I’d strongly encourage you to give his talk a listen, and then start thinking about the ways in which you can learn more about your value proposition using email marketing.

Three ways you’ll benefit:
1)  Email marketing provides direct communication with your clients.  Not only can you observe their interactions with your newsletter but you can ask them directly what they think.

2)  Let email marketing be the testing grounds for new ideas; before you launch a full campaign, test out the content on your email contacts to see how they respond.

3) Using your email marketing as a testing ground will help to keep your newsletter content fresh.  As you learn more about what works, you’ll also be driven to create the best content possible for your readers; a win-win situation for all involved.