Email Marketing Done Right

I got an email recently that really struck me by how clear it was, how honest in its marketing efforts.  Here’s what worked for me:

The Call-to-Action was clear:  There was no question in my mind why I was being contacted.  Having engaged with this particular group, they now wanted me to connect further and validate them by “liking” them on Facebook. 

The reward appealed to my higher self:  The result of my actions?  A tree would be planted.  I love it - the call to action has an incentive, but rather than offering something to the individual, they will instead do something good for the world.  (And yes, I’m one of those people who appreciates a “we did this charitable thing in your name” as a gift, so your mileage may vary.)

The request was well-explained:  Beyond being a plea for social media interaction, this email marketing venture had a crystal clear explanation of what kind of information would be available via Facebook and why I would be interested in connecting with them there.

My favorite part was at the bottom.  It was the sentence that began with “If you’re not on Facebook….” and it gave an alternative way for people to participate and have a tree planted.  It pays to be inclusive - not everyone engages with all social media platforms and assuming they do runs the risk of alienating those who might otherwise be engaged and interested participants.