Email Marketing on the Molecular Scale

The entire world exists because of chemical bonding.  Everything around you is held together and created by these bonds.  In fact, you yourself exist solely because of these bonds.  Where am I going with this?  Don’t worry – it’s not a chemistry lesson.  Marketing is a lot like bonding.  Customers and businesses are attracted to one another because each has something that the other wants.  Relationships flourish under conditions where there is an ongoing reason to stay engaged.  Not every exchange is equal, however, which is where marketing begins to segment itself.

Ionic Marketing
The Science: Ionic Bonding
In ionic bonding two atoms form a bond when electrons are exchanged.  Ionic bonding occurs between metals which readily give up electrons and non-metals which have a strong propensity for gaining electrons.  The result is two oppositely charged ions which are held together by the attraction between them.  The exchange is one-way and benefits both.

The Marketing:  One-Way Marketing
Branding, print media, tv, radio and online ads are all examples of one-way marketing.  In each of these scenarios, marketing materials leave your hands a complete communication with no direct response expected.  The main aim is to increase brand recognition, create awareness about a new product or special offer, increase your audience, etc.  You gain exposure and share news and your audience gets to be better informed.  Win-win.

Polar Covalent Marketing
The Science: Polar Covalent Bonding
In a polar covalent bond two nonmetal atoms share one or more electrons, but not equally.  One of the nonmetals has a stronger pull on the electron and that atom is far more likely to have the electron at any given moment, so to speak.

The Marketing: Engaged Marketing
The types of marketing that fit into this category would include email marketing and blogging.  Here you are responsible for creating the majority of the content and the drive, but you aren’t on your own.  What you do is because of the audience and you both leave room and invite them to engage.  This is a great platform for sharing, giving voice to your company, and creating yourself as an industry expert. 

Covalent Marketing
The Science:  Pure Covalent Bonding
In pure covalent bonds electrons are shared equally between two nonmetal atoms.  Each of these atoms has equal pull on the electron(s).

The Marketing:  Social Media Marketing
Social Media!  This is all about connecting with people and engaging them.  Opening up space for customers to interact, comment, share and link is vital to using this type of marketing.  The bond you share with your contacts here depends equally on both of you to keep it going.  This is the platform on which you get to demonstrate your personable, interactive nature.  Listening and responding to your contacts is just as important as providing quality content.