Feature Friday:  Auto-Responding

Using an auto-respond feature has many benefits that range from creating an atmosphere of availability to driving web traffic.  The most basic and commonly used auto-responder many people are familiar with is used for responding immediately to any email communication.  It might say something along the lines of “thank you for contacting us.  We’ve received your email and will be in touch shortly.”  Another example would be the welcome newsletters you get when first signing up for an email newsletter or after confirming their subscription.

Reasons to Use Auto-Responders

Time Efficiency:  It would be absolutely impossible to respond to every single email and still have time for everything else in a day!  This is one time where setting up an automated system is the only way to go.

Cultivating Availability:  You can respond with immediacy to any situation you choose.  New subscriber?  Boom, they’ve got your welcome letter.  User opting out?  They get instant acknowledgement that they’ve unsubscribed and assurance they won’t be contacted again.

Confirm Action: You can assure readers emailing you with questions that their query has been received and that you will soon respond.

Drive Further Engagement: You can use the auto-response email to direct people to your website or include a special offer (when appropriate; unsubscribes probably don’t need to be courted for further engagement.)

Wondering how to handle auto responders when you’re on the other end?  Check here for some great guidelines.

Learn how to set up your auto-responders on MNB.