Feature Friday:  Auto-Series

What could be better than having all of your newsletter content ready long before you send it out?  How about:  having the entire series pre-loaded so that anyone who signs up automatically receives your newsletters on a regular schedule with no further effort on your part?  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  Auto-series are a great way to automate your newsletter sending and ensure consistent delivery. 

Auto-series can be sent to existing subscribers or to new subscribers.  You can set up an auto-series to run for your existing readers as well as have your series available for new sign-ups.  Some email marketers use auto-series alongside real-time newsletter creation for a mix of pre-planned and responsive marketing.

Auto-series is great for content that needs to be read from beginning to end. If you’re sending out an informative series in which each newsletter builds on the one before it, you’ll need to assure that new subscribers have the opportunity to start from the beginning (this beats trying to catch them up to where you are now!). This also means that your content will keep working for you long after you set it up. You can leave old auto-series available to new readers so that even if your original group of readers has finished the series, new readers can pick it up at any time.

Auto-series can help you to target market.  By having an auto-series that is separate from your main newsletter, you can create content that is specific to certain target demographics.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to an offbeat target market, either.

Setting up an auto-series is easy!  Check out the knowledge base for more information.