Feature Friday:  Branding

Branding is an essential part of marketing.  Your logo and any associated colors are part of what creates you as a recognizable entity.  Think of some big-name stores and see if you can name the colors associated with them.  Chances are you’re able to pull to memory either the color of the name or of a symbol.  Each and every email newsletter that you send out is an opportunity to reinforce your own color scheme and further embed your brand in readers’ memories.

If you already have a logo and brand colors:  After uploading your logo or banner to MNB you’ll want to match up your colors.  The easiest way to get your specific colors right is to enter the six-digit color codes for each section. You can get these color codes from the designer of your brand/logo.  You can also choose colors from the palate provided.

If you are creating a logo and selecting colors for the first time:  You can use the pre-existing templates and the stock banner images in MNB for creating a banner to insert into your newsletters.  MNB has partnered with PicMonkey to give you even more design control over your banner and images.  Choose a theme or custom select colors to match.

Tips:  Try to choose a color palate that is unique, at least within your industry.  Not everyone sees colors the same way, so before you make your final choice ask a few people what they think of your color combination.

If you aren’t working with set colors:  Many people who use email marketing are doing so as part of their business and so are working on creating a public image.  However, that doesn’t account for 100% of any newsletter service.  In these cases, the branding section of MNB can actually be used as a personal color palette to play with. 

Tips:  Having a consistent brand is recommended for everyone.  This will help your readers to recognize your email newsletters. You aren’t locked in, however.  Changing up the supporting (non brand) colors with the seasons or using holiday-themed colors in your email newsletter are good ways to add some ambiance.