Feature Friday:  Enterprise Accounts

Let’s talk about enterprise accounts. No, not accounts with the starship USS Enterprise, the other enterprise feature! Although come to think of it, if Starfleet used email marketing I’m pretty sure this is exactly the kind of account they would need.  Enterprise account users are able to network their accounts to push content to multiple accounts, sharing newsletters, templates and features. 

If you can’t beat a metaphor you’d better join it.  So, Starfleet Headquarters needs to send out an email to all of their starships.  They create the newsletter in question and push it to the accounts of the Starbase Commanders who then send - with or without additions of their own - the newsletter out to all vessels under their purview.  Easy peasy.  In a nutshell, this is what the enterprise tool offers:  the ability to create content and share it with multiple accounts. 

You don’t need to be an intergalactic organization to make use of such a tool.  Enterprise accounts work well for business with multiple locations, affiliates, and any other structure in which it would be helpful for consistent branding and content to come from a single source.  Newsletters can be created and pushed to the unique senders who will then have the opportunity to make additions of their own, meaning that the newsletters are the best of both worlds - consistent when it counts and unique where it counts.

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Learn more about enterprise accounts including how to use this feature and some tips for usage.