Feature Friday:  Facebook-Friendly Features

If you’re the sort of person who likes to do things the long way or the hard way, skip this article.  On the other hand, if efficiency speaks to you, let me make sure you know about these two ways MNB makes integrating newsletters into Facebook content easier.

1)  Post your newsletter to Facebook automatically.  You can select this option when you choose the time and date for your newsletter to be sent.  You may need to log in to Facebook - allow pop-ups so that your login can occur.  If you have multiple pages you can choose which page(s) your newsletter will show up on. Each email newsletter’s appearance will be timed so that it posts to your Facebook page shortly after the email is sent.

2)  Choose your Facebook preview image. You’ve got the reins when it comes to the image that appears as the preview image for your newsletter.  Simply click on an image in your newsletter that you wish to have appear, click the image editing button and scroll down to “Facebook Options.”  Check the box next to “Make this my Facebook Preview Image” and you’re well on your way.  Please note that Facebook caches images for 7 days, so to make immediate changes to a newsletter you’ve already posted to Facebook you’ll need to remove the newsletter, change the image, and repost it.

3) Add Your Subscriber Sign-up to Facebook.  There is a sign-up builder feature specifically for Facebook, so there’s no excuse to not let your Facebook friends sign-up for your newsletter right there on your page!