Feature Friday:  Help Features

The purpose of Feature Friday is simple:  highlight the many useful features that MNB users have access to and give a few tips on how to rock them.  It would seem more than obvious then, that the various help features should be mentioned. 

The Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is perhaps the most comprehensive tool available to MNB users.  Just about every feature or action your might consider in the course of creating your email newsletter is included in the knowledge base.  The knowledge base gives you an overview, detailed instructions, and tips for use.

The Glossary
Like most glossaries, the MNB Glossary defines words. If you find yourself confused about email marketing lingo, check the glossary. 

The FAQ is of course a big ol’ list of questions that are commonly asked.  This is a great spot if you want a quick answer to a simple question. 

MNB offers regular webinars on email marketing. You can sign up for an upcoming live webinar to attend or you can watch a previously recorded webinar on a variety of topics.  Webinars are a great way to get a guided tour without having to leave your office! 

Video Library
If you’re a visually oriented person, the Tutorial Help Videos were made for you.  Most are short, sweet and to the point with helpful how-to’s.  And, you get to see support have a little fun, like the time they used actual spam to talk about email spam...

Even though we’re all about email marketing in the digital age, MNB still believes in good old-fashioned customer support - the kind where helpful, knowledgeable people answer phones, emails and chat with you online.  We’re available Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm EST and Saturdays 11am-4pm EST.