Feature Friday:  Import Newsletters

What it means to import a newsletter:  Newsletters created in one account can be shared with another account.  There’s a password for safe-keeping, of course!

Who would do such a thing?  There are a lot of reasons to import newsletters from one account from another.  For example, representatives of a company might import newsletters from the head office to send out from their personal accounts.  An email marketer engaging in A/B testing might share newsletters across accounts to send from multiple accounts.  A partner might want to send out your amazing newsletter to their readers and can import the newsletter of interest to send from their account.

The advantages in importing:  Importing the newsletter directly from one account to another ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. Each newsletter will arrive in the new inbox exactly as it was created in the original account. It can then be edited as desired. One feature that makes this easy is snippets.  If the original newsletter uses snippets, these snippets will also be imported and repopulated—this means snippets will need to be pre-programmed into the importing account to ensure consistency.  The newsletter in the original account will be unaffected by these changes. 

There’s a great video on importing newsletters in the Knowledge Base!