Feature Friday:  Snippets

When it comes to ensuring consistent branding and appearance in email newsletters, Snippets are a very handy feature. If you read that sentence and thought “snippe-what-now?” I have some great news for you:  life might be about to get a little bit easier!

Definition:  Snippets are a user-defined content feature.
  You create the content, upload it as a snippet and then you can use the token for that content anywhere in your email newsletter. For a full explanation of this process, visit the knowledge base.

Why Use Snippets:  Consistency is king. This is a time-saver for individual account holders that will help to ensure a regular appearance. After all, building your brand via email marketing requires that you maintain a regular appearance that gives a sense of continuity over time. For those working with multiple accounts, using snippets ensures that you can overlap relevant content with precision.

Tips for using Snippets:
  Your account came pre-loaded with snippets for your contact information.  These, and all other snippets you create, are customizable at any time.  You can create new snippets to best suit your needs.  Consider snippets for any data or images that appear in your newsletter on a regular basis.  You can considerably cut down the risk of human error (such as a mis-typed phone number or email address) by using this feature.