Flash Sales

In line with the rise of mobile internet usage, new (or in this case, updated) marketing trends have helped businesses of all sizes target and take advantage of local markets. With email and social media interfaces always at their fingertips, potential customers are much more capable of making quick shopping decisions while on the go. Capitalizing on this more immediate avenue for customer interaction, businesses all around the world are using email marketing to advertise flash sales – sales with short-term (ex. Today Only!) availability.

While flash sales obviously won’t appeal to your entire subscriber list, they will certainly reach those readers that have been recently considering a purchase at your place of business (a larger group than you might imagine). If anyone of your subscribers have been waffling over a decision anytime in recent months, they are much more likely to take advantage of an opportunity that doesn’t give them enough time to sleep on it. This kind of snap decision marketing has proved effective across a wide variety of business verticals, and continues to grow in popularity.

Now, you might be worried about alienating those potential customers who are interested in the sale but don’t have the time to make it in before it expires. However, this is actually another opportunity for you to build customer loyalty. If any readers respond to your sale announcement saying they would like to participate, but can’t because of the schedule, this is your chance to really make a big impact. Simply thank them for their interest and ask them when they’ll be able to make it in, then commit to honoring the sale. The customer will be so impressed with your willingness to help, that they’ll assuredly keep your business in mind for their future needs. It should be said though, that advertising your flexibility will dramatically reduce the urgency of your sale, so only offer it to those customers who reach out to you directly.