Genie Issue

UPDATE 26-Sept-2013:
We just - 11:50 am EST - pushed a fix to the Genie that should stop it from freezing up the browser. Saving your newsletter, especially for longer newsletters, may take a few seconds more than before.

Some of our diligent and patient clients have identified an issue within Genie where Genie becomes unresponsive to the save command (special thanks to Margaret).

Please, everyone save and save often. Edit an article and save it. Make a few changes and save. The frequency with which this happens is few and far between making it troublesome to reproduce, let alone fix.

When it does happen, you can refresh the page (F5) and that fixes the save button BUT it will also force you to lose your most recent changes (since the last save). Before you hit F5, if you have content changes, copy them to an external source and paste it back in afterwards.

If this happens to you, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your username, the newsletter name, and the last thing(s) you were doing before it happened.

Thank you kindly for your help and your patience while we resolve this issue.