Genie upgrades

5 Sept 2013: UPDATE - Please clear your cache

IE10 issue with toolbar not being available has been fixed.
Firefox issue with extra line breaks being added to content (randomly) has been fixed.
Copy & Paste issue is resolved - you must use keyboard shortcut keys (Control+C/CMD+C for copy and Control+V/CMD-V for pasting)

29 Aug 2013

The new and improved Genie brings three significant changes everyone should know about - and one nuance that is quickly adapted.

1. Speed - the new Genie uses some really cool geeky-tools that have slimmed down the Genie significantly making it operate much more smoothly and quickly.

2. The new toolbar is only visible when you have an article (or any article type) selected. If you click on an open area, or the save buttons, the toolbar will not be visible. If you click back on an article (or title, or anything editable in the newsletter) the toolbar will re-appear.

3. Auto-save has been changed so that it will only trigger when you click out of an article you are editing - if and only if 5 minutes have passed since the last save

4. The HTML button in the toolbar is now called Source Code and looks like this “<>”

Some known issues that have been reported below.

1. The color picker for the toolbar no longer has a “More colors” option - if you must use a complexity of colors, use can override the Theme for an entire article by using the “Article Styles” button or simply change Theme to set all your articles. Note: the more colors and varieties you use, the harder your newsletter is to deliver to an inbox.

TIP: Only use 3 colors in your newsletter (not including photos) - 1 for titles, 1 for body-text, 1 for special uses

2. Using the Insert Link tool from the toolbar no longer has the title/description field. We are looking into this one. For now, you can click on the source code and add it manually.