“Have a Dang Personality” And Other Marketing Advice

Fortunately, in today’s social-media, network-happy world, there is a lot more to business life online than SEO and a good ranking.  Things like having a personality and effecting an actual human response has a significant effect these days.

An interesting conversation around the marketing table recently brought up the rules we all make for ourselves as we chart the waters of doing business online, marketing, sending out email newsletters and connecting with our community.  Sure, there are guidelines and structures for these endeavors, but as with all things, each must find their own way.  Having a set of rules isn’t just about deciding what you’re going to do and sticking to it.  It’s also a way for you to create healthy boundaries so that you can explore what works and what doesn’t.

Following are the rules that were tossed around and how they all come together to create a cohesive vision:

Have a Strong, Cohesive Framework

Our General Manager’s rules were broad and solid:

1.  Solid offerings
2.  Informative content
3.  Excellent structure

The takeaway: looking at the big picture, you want to make sure that you have a foundation that covers all your bases. 

Be Yourself, Reach Out, Be Honest

Our marketing manager’s rules were more focused on voice and communication: 

1. Fresh, new, helpful content
2. Have a dang personality and flaunt it like crazy
3.  Open as many channels of dialogue as possible

The takeaway: Personalize and create a voice that rings through your newsletter content as being uniquely “you.”  Be honest and perceptive about where you need work and be willing not only to address it, but do what it takes to get to that better place.

Be Mindful

My rules focused more on the specifics of creating my content:

1.  Know what you’re talking about
2.  Double check that you know what you’re talking about
3.  Keep your audience in mind
4.  Be honest,funny, and fair

The takeaway: Craft accurate content that is directed at the reader and always, always proofread.