Holiday Marketing 101: Hold the Reins on Extra Sending

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, it is time to ask that all important retail marketing question:  to send, or not to send….more emails, that is!  Holiday themed email newsletters designed to take advantage of this magical time when everyone’s all abuzz, ready to buy gifts and share cheer are a great idea.  Just remember, sending more emails might not be in your best interest.  Consider instead:

Offer Guidance and Advice.  What shoppers may need even more than sales is information. Offer product comparisons, helpful shopping guides and tips for gift-givers. A well-informed shopper is one that won’t make returns!

Quality over Quantity.  If you’re excited to boost business during the season of lights then you can probably correctly assume that most other businesses are going to do the same. Stand out not by flooding readers with special offer newsletters and emails about products, but by sending out attractive email newsletters with deals so great they stand out based purely on merit.

Seek Feedback From Early Shoppers.  Ask early shoppers to review products so that you can collect information and share it with later shoppers looking for guidance. User reviews can help others to make choices and provides you with valuable information. 

Pay attention to the results of your holiday marketing efforts shouldn’t be mysterious to you.  Check in on clicks and sales, but also pay careful attention to stats which will let you know whether readers are interested.  If open rates and unsubscribes climb during the holiday season, you might be overdoing it.  Feel comfortable managing your list.  If you see a clear pattern of users who aren’t opening or responding to your holiday newsletters, they don’t belong on your seasonal content send list.