Holiday Marketing 101:  Wrapping it All Up

As we stare down the final stretch of holiday email marketing, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping it up.  Dear me, was that a pun?  We’d better lay off the eggnog over here!  Spiked eggnogs aside, we’re quickly looking down the barrel at the final week of pre-holiday marketing.  Our super-genius email marketing guru AJ laid down the basics of flash sales in Flashing Through the Snow and now is decidedly your opportunity to utilize this technique.

If holiday retail sales are a focus for your company, consider the following final holiday options:

1.  Your email newsletter could be just the ticket for last-minute shoppers.  Showing up in the inbox with a great deal, shipping that promises to deliver in time, and the end of shopping worries will make you a hero. Do make sure you clearly detail when orders need to be placed so that you can deliver as promised.

2.  Don’t holiday shoppers deserve a treat for themselves?  If you’ve been busy taking holiday orders from your subscribers, why not reward them by sending them a little something for themselves?  This could be an actual thank-you gift, or it could be a special offer or incentive, good through the end of the year. 

3.  Extended savings means more time to play the holiday game.  If you’ve got more to offer or think that you could do well by extending your holiday email and newsletter offers, transition your holiday marketing into emails for an end of the year event.  After all, festivities will be rolling through New Year’s, at the very least.