How Do You Ensure Email Deliverability?

Earlier this week we talked about cleaning up your email list.  You may also have seen this great post from Marketing Sherpa:  Marketing Research Chart:  Improving Email Deliverability.  If not - it’s totally worth your while to head on over and check out this great chart.  There is something that I want to point out to you about this information: the six most commonly used tactics listed for improving email deliverability are all items that are completely under your control. 

The top six on that chart are:
1.  Provide an easy unsubscribe option (62%)
2.  Measure and remove hard bounces (51%) (we do this for you)
3.  Clean lists regularly (41%)
4.  Remove inactive subscribers (39%)
5.  Maintain a strictly opt-in subscriber list (39%)
6.  Evaluate soft bounces (27%)

Further down on the list were other options. like a re-engagement campaign, that may be underutilized in email marketing these days.  I would guess that each person reading this can think of at least two more strategies that can be implemented to ensure great deliverability. 

How do you ensure deliverability from your end?  Shout us out on twitter @mnbuilder and let us know!  We’ll be back next week with more user-friendly deliverability tips.