How to Build Your Email Marketing with the Work Of Others

If you’re following AJ’s rockin’ advice on reading up to improve your email marketing campaign, then you may have encountered the following scenario:  you find something online that you absolutely must share with your readers.  You still want to have lots of great original marketing content to email though, so you aren’t sure about incorporating the work of others in your newsletter.  Great news! It’s completely possible to own your content and bring in valuable resources. You’ve got a few options on how to go about this. 

Option 1:  Find something you like; then go further. In other words, turn your find into research. Let’s say you sell craft jelly beans made with all-natural sweeteners.  If you were to encounter information about how your awesome sweetener contains actually contains phytonutrients that are beneficial, you should be shouting that from the rooftops. Gather more information and share all of that in an informative article.

Option 2:  Find something you like, use it to tell your own story.  By sharing your own experience you can keep the focus on you while sharing new information from a different source. That can be as simple as “We found this great article on how using slinkies on stairs can actually relieve boredom, which is just crazy because yesterday we made this hilarious video about slinkies on an escalator!”  P.S. - here’s a great article about telling your own story.

Option 3:  Find something you like and present it as a PSA.  Wouldn’t you just be the most helpful and awesome marketer if you were to inform your readers about helpful resources?  Think in terms of a small side article in your email with a nod to great outside resources. It should get less focus in your newsletter than the first two options.