How To Tell if Your Content Is Send-Worthy

Most people are busier than they want to be juggling work, family, interests, hobbies, friends and community commitments.  Your job in marketing is to engage them with timely content that never wastes their time.  Your emails and newsletters must strike a balance between being entertaining and engaging while still being clear and concise. Your website must be easy to navigate. It’s never about dumbing it down, it’s about efficacy equaling a pleasant experience.

Much as SEO marketers once scrambled to have websites that would meet the approval of the Rank Nazi (you know who we’re talking about), today’s email marketers have to ensure that their emails are able to stand out in a sea of other emails.  Before you click send on a newsletter run down the list of must-haves for your content.

1.  Have a clear call to action. Some people are going to commit to reading your newsletter, but email inboxes can get overwhelming and others may scan through to see if anything catches their eye.  A crisp, direct call to action is your best chance of making something happen.  If you don’t see a call to action in your content, back off the send button!

2. Make it easy to see your point.  Having amazing content is a good start, of course, but a wall of text or a jumbled format can make it hard for people to get to that content, even if they want to.

3.  Get your timing right You can drive people to action by offering limited-time deals, but you want to make sure that everyone gets to play by offering a variety of timing options over the course of the year.  Consider pre-planning your year, including holiday and seasonal content as well as sale or industry driving timing.