Maximizing Impact Part 1: Less is More

Think about your email inbox. How many email messages do you delete each time you log in? How many even receive a cursory glance before being tossed out with the rest?

Now, think about the inboxes of every subscriber on your sending list. They’re no different. Every time you send a newsletter out, you have to be prepared to fight for even a few seconds of your readers’ attention – no matter how long they’ve been receiving your emails.

With that, there are a few tricks you can use to help maximize the impact of your newsletter. Use the following tips to help make sure your readers want to keep reading.

Minimize branding.
One of the preeminent rules in the world of marketing is big branding. Unfortunately, with regards to email marketing, wasting a lot of your limited email real estate with redundant branding can irritate your readers.

With that in mind, make sure your branding is immediately visible with a tight, professional banner at the top of your newsletter, then leave it at that! Your subscribers want to read your newsletters for the content inside, not to see your logo. Let them know who you are, then get straight to the point of your newsletter.

Trim. In line with reduced branding, lengthy filler content might waste your reader’s time. If you like to run informative or advisory columns in your newsletters, consider sending two separate messages: one that includes your long-form content to help build a rapport with those readers that want to know more about your field; and a second that focuses simply on specials and promotions. That way, you can allow those subscribers with limited time to get right to the heart of your newsletter, while also offering a more robust reading experience for others.

Check back later this week for more tips to maximize the impact of your newsletters!