Maximizing Impact Part 2: Visual Punch

Earlier this week, we took a look at two easy tips for maximizing the impact of your email newsletters: minimizing branding and trimming content. In this entry, we’ll continue exploring new avenues for making your newsletters pop, including increasing the reader-usability of images and links.

Once you’ve selected your header and content, upping the appeal with eye-catching, functional images should be your next step in creating a high-impact newsletter. Within your emails, images can be used as both links and frames. I’ll elaborate.

Images as links. Putting your embedded images on double duty is an easy way to entice your readers into clicking more. This is particularly helpful for those subscribers that often view your newsletters on a mobile device, as it offers their fingers a much larger target.

When linking images in your newsletters, make sure you select an image that gives the reader a reason to click. For example, a photo of a particular product or sale flyer will be much more likely to grab the reader’s attention than a simple stock photo.

Finally, it’s always important to label linked images with a “click for more info” tag above or below. This will help eliminate accidental clicks (again, very helpful for mobile readers).

Framing images. In addition to providing larger, more enticing links, photos can also be used as background or framing tools. Layering text over the blank space in images (easily accomplished with the Pixlr utility integrated into every MyNewsletterBuilder account) is an excellent way to make your newsletters look more dynamic and engaging.

When using framing images, try to avoid including lengthy text passages and small fonts. Brief, tight statements with varying text size, and even varying color, can quickly grab a reader’s attention. Take a look at the photo to the right which was created in a matter of minutes with the Pixlr utility. Simply messages in a vibrant format layered over an image are extremely effective when it comes to communicating with speedy readers.

By applying the four tips mentioned in parts 1 and 2 of this article, creating high-impact newsletters is no problem at all. Remember, the easiest way to keep your subscribers interested in your emails is the offer them exactly what they’re looking for in a simple, eye-catching format.