MNB Quota Changes

In order to remain competitive and provide our clients with the very best email marketing solution, MyNewsletterBuilder is revising a portion of our quota and pricing structure. We are making three changes that every client should know about:

1. New caps on Unlimited Sending plans
2. Revised pricing structure on Pay As You Go plans
3. New Volume Sending Plans (for multi-million emails per month accounts)

1. For Unlimited Sending Plans:

We are revising the monthly cap on total volume to 22 times the subscriber level. This applies to accounts that have 15,000 (or more) subscribers.

Example: you subscribe to the 25,000 subscriber level - total volume for the month is limited at 22 x 25,000 = 550,000 emails.

Even with this new cap on total volume, you can send significantly more email using MNB than any of our competition.

2. Revised Pay As You Go Plan:

These emails expire 1 year from date of purchase.
* Minimum purchase of 6,000 emails ($95) to initiate account

# EMAILS - COST ($/email)
1,000 - $20 ($0.0200)
5,000 - $75 ($0.0150)
10,000 - $140 ($0.0140)
25,000 - $250 ($0.0100)
50,000 - $450 ($0.0090) (requires approval)
100,000 - $800 ($0.0080) (requires approval)
250,000 - $1125 ($0.0045) (requires approval)
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3. Volume Sending Plan

These are high volume, monthly, sending plans.
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By the end of November, every account effected by these changes will be moved onto new plans.

We know that these changes may have a grander affect on some of you and we are offering interim plans to help bridge the gap. I encourage you to call your sales rep between now and November 30 to secure a revised plan.

Warm regards,

Steve Newman
General Manager