Mobile – More Important Every Day

The rise of mobile usage has made it easier than ever before to access emails anywhere and everywhere. Individuals now can (and do!) access email throughout the day, regardless of their schedule. For email marketers, that means it’s much easier to reach your intended audience at any time of day.

However, it also means that creating mobile-friendly newsletters is more critical than ever before. Nearly 50% of all emails are opened via mobile. And, that number is growing every year. What’s even more important: among surveyed users, the vast majority say they simply delete emails that don’t appear correctly on their mobile devices.

It’s easy to see why designing mobile-compatible email marketing campaigns is so essential. Email newsletters absolutely need to be easily viewable on screens of all sizes, which means marketers need to find a comfortable medium that includes high-impact subject matter, limited graphics, short text and easy-to-click links.

If you’re still uncertain about how to create mobile-friendly newsletters, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Sign up for this afternoon’s webinar, “Make Your Newsletters Mobile-Friendly” at 1 PM EST, Oct 22, 2013. In one hour you will learn how to design newsletters that look great and function beautifully on multiple platforms, allowing you to reach your total audience more effectively. Sign up for the webinar