New MNB User Interface

We’ve just pushed our new user interface to a live beta site. You can access it via the SWITCH link that is in the admin message (top of the page after you log in). There are a few things everyone needs to know about this beta site and the new design:

1. The beta site will be a permanent fixture - it is where we will be posting new features first for a more extensive testing audience.

2. Please use the feedback system (built-into the site) to tell us of any problems or issues; once we’re satisfied with the site (estimated 45 days), we will be pushing this version live.

3. Please don’t use multiple windows and/or tabs for logging into MNB (live or beta) - it is just asking for issues - especially related to having any single newsletter open in more than one place.

Here are some important changes to take note:

A. Banner Maker does not work from beta (sorry folks); it will work from live (when this goes live) but honestly, pixlr and pic monkey are awesome.

1. Subscriber forms, confirmation system, etc - are all now properly nested under Subscribers.

2. Our old library token system is now called “Snippets” and properly nested under Newsletters.

3. More Features has been changed to Tools (and contains Custom Branding, Forwards, and Auto Responders).

4. Hover over your username (top right corner) for a shortcut to Settings, Help, or Log Out.

We’ll have the link for Live Support from BETA resolved here shortly, but till then, switch back to LIVE and you can reach us there.

We’re moving onward and upward. Thank you for taking a look at the new MNB.