Newsletters, as You’ve Never Viewed Them Before!

Ok, so my title up there might be a little bit of an exaggeration. However, when it comes to our new presentation of the newsletters in your account, we’re pretty proud of how much information we can put into a simple, streamlined page. We’re also unveiling a fabulous new feature, so brace yourself: you can now filter by title, thus easily accessing any newsletter past or present. Sounds pretty fabulous, right? So, let’s take a quick tour!

Filtering Newsletters
Who needs to start at the beginning when you can start with the most awesome? Let’s talk about filtering newsletters! This feature allows you to search all newsletters by title. Simply start typing the word or title you are searching for and results will automatically show up on the screen. From here you can click through to any applicable action for that newsletter.  If you want to search for newsletters of a specific status (such as drafts) then click that viewing option first to limit your search to those newsletters. You can also search for specific newsletters and access other tools to build, edit, and send newsletters. You might chose to use this section to review your email marketing choices and strategies. For example, you might go through your past emails to compare subject lines to open rates in the reports. Metrics research doesn’t get much easier than a list of emails with their open and click rates next to them!

View Newsletters and Their Current Status
As for the more day-to-day details of using this feature, on the left side of the page is list of options for the newsletters to be displayed on the page. Under “View,” the following options are listed: All, Draft, Sent, Scheduled, Archived, Auto-Saves. Clicking on any of these tabs will show you all newsletters in that category. Each of your newsletters displays its current status and any relevant actions that can be taken. Statuses include:

Draft: an unsent newsletter still in edit mode. You can reopen and edit drafts by clicking on the title. Please note that only drafts should be edited. To create a similar newsletter, select copy and edit the new copy.
Scheduled: once you have completed the sending process, your newsletter will register as scheduled: you cannot edit a scheduled newsletter. To edit, cancel the scheduled send, amend your newsletter, and reschedule.
Processing: the system is preparing your newsletter for each email address in your campaign.
Processed: the individual emails have been prepared but not yet sent; in most circumstances, you can still make last minute edits to a newsletter that has been processed without delaying its scheduled send.
Sending: the newsletter remains in this state until all emails have either been delivered or have bounced. Reporting begins within 15 minutes of the start of sending.
Sent: every individual email has been accounted for; this could take several hours depending on bounces. The time and date of sending will display under the title for sent newsletters.
Archived: newsletters are archived six months after being sent.
Auto-Saves: our system automatically saves the newsletter you are editing every five minutes - this just protects you (and us) from having to redo work in case of an internet burp. So, if your computer freezes in the middle of the masterpiece check here before bemoaning your loss.

And now that I’ve reminded you to always save your work, my job here is done. I’ll just be over here filtering newsletters for fun… I mean research. Its all for science.