One-Click Metamorphosis part 2: Sharing is Caring

Alright social butterflies (yeah, I’m cheesy), we’re back with part two of our look at the social media tools and resources included in every MyNewsletterBuilder account. After last week’s look at sharing your email newsletter with the Big Button, we’re going to explore a few ideas for making use of the live link found on the Review step of creating an email newsletter.

After you finish your next newsletter, take a look at the preview link on the bottom of the Review page (appears after you’ve clicked Save & Review in the newsletter editor). When clicked, that link will take you to a live version of your newsletter. All links and buttons are active and available to anyone who sees it.

Posting your newsletter link on a variety of websites and social media avenues can help you discover a whole new population of potential readers. To make the most of your preview link, try sharing it across the following avenues:

Your own website. If your business has a website, make sure there are plenty of opportunities for new visitors to discover your newsletter sign-up. In addition to embedded sign-up boxes, adding a link to your most recent newsletter will not only allow clients to see a sample of your email campaign, but provide another way to subscribe as well.

Message boards. Think people aren’t using message boards anymore? Wrong. Message boards are often comprised of tight-knit communities of niche-market devotees who want to know as much as possible about the central topic. Seek out a few relevant message boards, sign up, get involved, and then share a link to your newsletters every now and again. You’ll be speaking to a eager audience that definitely wants to know more about what you’ve got to offer.

Blogs. There’s a good chance someone is blogging about your line of work. Find a couple of those blogs, read their posts, make an informed or complementary comment and add a link. At the very least, the blog’s author will be likely to sneak a peek at your newsletter.

There are literally hundreds of other avenues that you can use to publicize your email newsletter campaign with the review link, and help make sure it’s being read. Remember, that link is always active, so don’t be afraid to get sharing.