Photo Follies

Simply put: pictures pop. We all want to create beautiful, engaging email newsletters that encourage our subscribers to keep opening, keep reading and keep patronizing. One of the easiest ways to grab subscribers’ attention is to include a series of well-placed, eye-catching photos in each mailer.

With MyNewsletterBuilder’s free and easy-to-use photo software, enriching your newsletters with the best pics the web has to offer is no problemo. However, we have noticed a few FAQ’s when it comes to image management in the MNB system. Check out the following tips for easy image integration in your future newsletters.

Watch your pixel size. Every so often, we’ll field questions about HUGE images skewing the appearance of a newsletter template. In this case, the uploaded photo is simply too large for the newsletter itself. Once you’ve selected the picture you’d like to use, take a look at the “Dimensions” section found in the top right of the “Image Options” window. There you’ll see the height and width of your chosen shot in pixels. If your picture doesn’t fit the template, try trimming down to a 500 pixel or less width. This should give you a good starting point for size, and any other changes can be made using the white toggle boxes that appear around a selected image once inserted into the template.

Mind your PDFs. Unfortunately, PDF’s aren’t image files, and as such, can’t be loaded directly into the MyNewsletterBuilder image library. However, you can share PDF data with your subscribers by posting it to your website and adding the link to your email newsletter. Or, you can take a screen shot of the PDF and upload that as an image directly (If you’ve never taken a screenshot before, a quick internet search for “screenshot on [your machine – Mac, PC, Lenux, et…]” should produce clear instructions).

Justify. One more question we see every now and again is, “Why is my text wrapped around my picture all weird?” Just like that. If you’ve found yourself in this position, take note of the justified edge of your selected image. Sometimes, we drop a photo into an article space when the cursor is somewhere in the middle of sentence or word. If your image is breaking up your text, click the pic and simply drag it to the desired position. Then, use the justification icons in the menu tool bar to move your image to the left, right or center.