Reasonable Automation

The process of automating your marketing process involves walking a fine line.  The more technology develops, the more people use it to communicate and connect.  Automation, then, needs to make life easier for the marketer without that cold annoyed feeling that comes when you get robo-called. 

The question becomes:  how you can you be a person but not spend every single minute glued to your computer?  Reasonable automation!

Email marketing is somewhat an automated process in the first place; most people plan and draft their content ahead of time and schedule sending for an ideal delivery time.  You can expand this with an RSS feed of your blog or other content so that anytime you post content in one space it automatically sends out as a scheduled newsletter. 

Integrate your posting by having your new newsletter, tweets or facebook posts reflected on your other social media sites.  This is best undertaken if you are not using a lot of duplicate content.  However, Guy Kawasaki does recommending repeating content at intervals on social media to increase the likelihood of it being seen, so that’s something to consider as well.

Schedule specific times wherein you give your full attention to blogging and social media.  Schedule posts in advance so that you can simply check in throughout the day to handle responses or other online interactions.  Keep in mind that advance planning has different ideal time lengths:  blogs could be set up a few weeks in advance whereas social media posts should be up within a few days.