Reel Them In and Keep Them

Email marketing has many facets. Beyond the useful, interesting and compelling newsletters that you send out on a regular basis, you can also send specific newsletters for occasions where you need to follow up with a customer.

For example, let’s say that you hope to complete a transaction. This might be a situation where a client has a deposit down and you are looking to ensure that the sale comes through 100%, or it might be a situation where a shopper left the site with their cart full, never making it to the checkout page.  Reminding people of commitments they’ve made never hurts, especially if you combine that with useful tips or incentives to see things through. Likewise, in the case of the abandoned shopping cart, sometimes all a customer needs is a little nudge. In both of these cases the user is already interested, all you have to do is escort them to the finish line.

Following up after a transaction is a great way to build on the relationship. Thank them for doing business with you, offer them a reward for doing so and point them in the direction of useful resources if applicable. In the long term, you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with clients who might otherwise fall behind. Segmenting your customers can be helpful for this, so that you’ll know who is interested in what.

You can send out a new product release to customers who have bought similar products, you can send reminder newsletters to users whose relationship with you involves a flexible schedule of transactions (refills / renewals / etc) and more.