Say it With a Picture: Upgraded Facebook Sharing Feature

Now, when you share your newsletter on Facebook, you can pick an image from your newsletter to display on Facebook next to your link. Links with images are much more likely to get clicked, so this is helpful for you. Picking this image happens in the newsletter editor, so make sure you set this before you share it.

Here is what you do:
1. In your MNB account, go to Genie editor
2. In the article of your choice, click insert image
3. Select the image you want, or if you have one already in the newsletter, see #5
4. Once you’ve selected the image, you’re in the image options window – see #6
5. If you already have an image in place, simply click the image and then click the “insert image” button to edit
6. Check the last box, next to “Make this my Facebook preview image”
7. Copy the URL and paste on in the Facebook status update box
8. Wait for the preview to appear and click share

Bonus tip: Once the link preview shows up, you can delete the URL text from the status box and type an intro to your newsletter for a more professional look.