Scare Your Readers

October is here and while your kids pull you over to every Halloween display under the sun, you might start realizing that the holidays are not too far off.  What could be scarier?
My philosophy has always been that the holiday season kicks in the minute baristas start slinging Pumpkin lattes. So what’s a ghoul to email? Your newsletter can be just plain fun, you know. Here are some ideas:

Take Their Money. Offer me some early bird solutions to holiday shopping - like now. In December my dollars are getting vied for left right and center.

Draw out the kid in them. So many adults love Halloween. We get gussied up, have fun parties and god I hope you stopped bobbing for apples, that’s so gross. Anyway, Now is the time to talk to your readers. Ask them what their favorite Halloween tradition is, tell them to send pics of their costume and so on. Draw out the kid, and make that kid respond to you for instant engagement.

Send some fun stuff. Whatever your specialty, give me some fun free content. Fall recipes, treats, scary stories, how-to guides, and creative solutions for the working family.

Remember businesses are people too. For those of you who specialize business to business, keep in mind that many businesses are ramping up this time of year too. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with businesses over the holidays. Add scary customer stories to your newsletters, email them a free consultation, or do a prize-pack giveaway.