Segment Your Lists!

MNB is excited to offer list segmentation from report metrics. Getting started with segmenting your lists is really simple!

1. There is now a Segment option from the Subscriber Lists page.

Create a new segment

2. Clicking Segment will bring up a dialog for creating a new Segment.

Here you can select which lists you’d like to include in your segment as well as configure options offered by segmentation.
Name of New List: The first time you segment a list or set of lists a new list will be created. You can customize the name of that list here.
Segment Type: Currently you can select from two reporting metrics to segment with: opens or clicks.
Opens/Clicks in the Last: This lets you select how far back you’d like to get subscribers from your reports.
Automatically Update: If this is checked when you create the segment then the new list will be periodically updated to include new subscribers. Old subscribers that haven’t been active with your sends will eventually be removed from your segment based upon the “Opens/Clicks in the Last” option.

Segmentation management dialog

3. That’s it!
It can take a few minutes for your new segmented list to be made, but you can check the status of it under “Batch Activity” on the Subscriber Lists page.


You can bring the Action options down from an individual list and create a segment with that list already selected.