Set Your Goals for the Coming Year

We recently gave you some great ideas on how to put your stats to good use in the new year in Back After Black.  Now it’s time to get specific about the results you want to see from your emails. That’s right, marketing resolution time! 

Starting with what you know about your past year’s email newsletter campaign, set some goals for this year.  You can use successes to show you the way for meeting future goals and you can look at challenges as a way to see what you still need to work on.  Let’s pick three sample goals to look at:

1.  More clicks per email sent.
This is one of those times where you want to look at your stats to see what readers tend to click on. The best and easiest way to bring those numbers up is to send more of that type of content.  Subject lines, length of article, type of link… all of these will factor in.

2.  Reach more people.
There are two great ways to reach more people via email newsletters: create incentives for people to sign up and share your newsletter, and use social networking to better integrate your newsletter with the rest of your online presence

3.  See more profit from sending out a newsletter.
This is another occasion where looking back over past stats can be helpful.  Look for past offers and see what the conditions were. Was it a holiday sale?  A flash sale? Did you offer a discount?  Did you offer something free with another purchase?  Did you send out follow-up offers after purchases? Was the product new?  You’re not stuck doing only what worked in the past - this is a great way to gather information that will let you construct new and improved sales, offers and approaches.