Standing Out Among Spammers

Every day spam senders flood inboxes with billions of unwanted email messages. This tireless email attack can make it difficult to stand out as an honest marketer who is trying to cater to the wants and needs of their subscribers. If you’re worried that your email newsletters are being swept out with the spam, try using these easy tools to stay away from the trash bin.

Include the Safe Sender prompt at the top of every email. Always give your readers the opportunity to add you to their safe sender list. This will ensure that you always end up in the inbox (rather than the spam folder), as well as add a little extra credibility to your newsletters.

Make it easy to unsubscribe. It may seem a contradictory, but nothing screams spam more than the absence of an unsubscribe button or option. Make sure your readers don’t have to go searching for a way to get off your mailing list, otherwise, you might end up with a few complaints in your inbox.

Watch your stats. If you’ve noticed that your twice-daily emails aren’t being opened as much as you like, it might be time to slow your roll. Your readers will let you know what (and how much) they want to receive by opening and clicking or simply deleting. Keep your eyes on your numbers and adjust accordingly.

Remove sales language from subject lines. Most readers are programmed to ignore emails with words like “big savings” in the subject line. Keep your subjects succinct and safe, and you’ll be sure to reach more potential customers.

Segment your contact lists. Blasting several thousand people with a single email newsletter requires a certain vague presentation that may affect credibility. Instead, try to target certain groups within your subscriber list and modify your newsletters to suit them specifically. Consider segmenting via geographic location, age range, email client usage or even open rate. Using any of this information to tailor your campaign to your reader’s needs will definitely help increase the efficacy of your newsletters.