Stat Central: Clicks Count!

Stat Central is a mini-series that takes a look at interpreting the report statistics in your MyNewsletterBuilder account, and explores using them to improve your email marketing campaign.

Last time we swung by Stat Central, we broke down the real value of your open rate and how it can benefit your email marketing campaign. For this entry, we’re going to slide over one column and explore the value clicks.

Here again, keeping your eye on the cumulative click rate (the value that appears on your main “My Reports” page), you can get a rough idea of how engaged your readers are.  A higher click rate means your subscribers are more interested in your newsletters, and willing to further pursue any linked content you’ve added to the newsletter. However, just like the open rate, digging a little deeper will yield big results.

If you click the “clicks” link on your “My Reports” page, you’ll be taken to a breakdown of all the links that were included in the selected newsletter. The page shows how many times each link was clicked, and even allows to see who did the clicking. The main benefit here is that you can really get a feel for the kind of additional info your reader base is looking for.

If you notice that one link in particular (or one kind of link) is getting way more attention than the others, don’t ignore that. Your readers are telling you exactly what they want from your email newsletter by clicking those links. Pay close attention to the subject matter of the most popular links, and use that information to keep your subscribers interested.

Haven’t gotten enough info yet? Oh, don’t worry. We’re not even close to done. Keep checking back for more of our Stat Central series, and see how you can make the numbers work in your favor.