State of the Email

Greetings Everyone,

MyNewsletterBuilder is planning another period of maintenance (and downtime) this coming weekend. In the past, we’ve simply posted an admin message; this time, we’d like to fill you in on our overall plan and progress.

The maintenance periods over these past weekends have allowed us to put in place a more robust infrastructure that is designed to help us increase our overall capacity for sending newsletters and decrease the time it takes to do so.

Our upgrade this weekend involves adding another pair of sending servers and upgrading the “guts” of our database servers. It is the latter of these that will require a system outage from midnight Saturday to about 8 am ET Sunday. This should be the last period we require complete downtime and the future upgrades and maintenance should be much less tasking on the use of our systems. Of special note: our data center is also planning two maintenance windows this weekend - one of which is going to put the entire data center on generator power this Sunday (6:30am to 3:30pm EST). I am not holding my breath waiting for the power to turn over.

The upgrades we are implementing are highly scale-able and utilize next generation database technologies. The plan is this weekend’s upgrade should get us to 120% (with no delays and slowness) and within the next three months, we should see much greater improvements to our system and our capacity.

For those clients that are experiencing the delayed newsletters, my apologies but please do recognize that this weekend should mark the end of it and that our plan for growth covers significantly more capacity than we currently need.

If you need to check on the status of our systems at any time, please check our Facebook page:

Warm regards,

Steve Newman