The New MNB live on May 1st

Like excited grade-school kids getting ready for recess - we are set to push the new interface live on May 1st. This has been an amazing process and kudos to everyone that gave us kind words, excellent criticism, feedback, and suggestions. I also want to give an extra hand-shake to Jeff and Milo for pulling this masterful piece together in shape, form, and function - you can do the same via the new “Feedback” utility.

Back to the important message at hand - we are moving the new interface live this Wednesday, May 1st (time is TBD).

The old system will no longer be available.

The new system’s issues with Enterprise, BannerMaker, and Upgrading accounts will be gone - yay.

Very shortly after we go live, new and improved Genie Themes will also be available; they are more contemporary and attractive. The older themes will still be available in the “old school” filter in the system.