Write Thank-You Notes Like Your Mother Taught You

Many of us grew up with mothers who insisted that we write thank-you notes immediately after receiving gifts.  When the other kids went home from the birthday party or once we arrived home from Grandma’s house it was to the table with pen and paper we went.  This habit, if instilled, has probably actually come in handy a lot in life.  Prompt responses are always appreciated, and gratitude is a sentiment that is nearly always appreciated.  The value of the thank-you note exists in email marketing as well. Emailing customers to let them know they are appreciated is always an effective way to ensure valuable ongoing relationships.

Still, it can’t hurt to evaluate the occasions on which you thank your customers through email. Do you send them them a follow-up note after they’ve made a purchase from you?  How about rewarding them for filling out a survey?  Do you let them know that you appreciate their opinion when they offer their feedback both positive and negative?  If not, maybe it’s time that you did.

It isn’t just about saying thank you on some occasions.  Let’s say that you own an auto shop.  Chances are you frequently send customers away with a list of recommended work to be done on their vehicles.  Many people choose to do the most essential repairs first and wait on the rest.  If you were to follow up their visit with an email newsletter, thanking them for their business and the trust they put in you when you repaired their car, you have an opportunity to increase the likelihood that they will return to you sooner, rather than later.  You might say something like “We appreciate the trust you put in us when we repair your car.  Recently we noted that the following work should be done on your car to ensure the long life and safety of your vehicle.  We’d like to offer you the following coupon to help make that a little more affordable.”